Collection: Part 3

Reflective Journal

Progression Tutorial 14 August

I had tutorial with Chris, which has been very useful to me. After discussing and looking at my project, sketchbook and workflow. The problem we discovered is that the project is currently only focusing on one eccentric behaviour of food, which doesn't fully accommodate my concept of eccentricity. This is also something I was planning to do, developing about 4 eccentric behaviours in the project. 

I need to photograph more of my own primary research and find factual imagery that helps develop an original development. And i am suggested to develop each eccentricity fully and then combine them i one outfit development. I need to try the combination of different eccentricities to rationalise my concept and idea. I will need to research for fabric and material at this stage to accompany my own material of latex.

Action Plan

  1. Develop more research on factual/primary imagery
  2. More shape input and consideration, coming from combining my different researches
  3. Rationalise fabric choices and research them fully, how they relate to my concept. 

Draping Experiment 9 August

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 12.11.25.png

I started to play around with the latex piece I created, combining it with conventional fashion fabric. I chose to use the stiff and unstretchy fabric, which holds in shape well. I used the fabric to create layers inspired by the stack of bread. Combining the two different materials, I draped them on the stand in different ways, which opens up possibility of different shapes and forms. I like the same layering idea of bread presented in different ways, and they are combined and emerged into each other, which is visually exciting. I will need to do some 2d designs based on this draping experiment, using different techniques of collaging, drawing and so on. 

Workshop Experimentation 7 August

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 12.10.18.png

Today, I started my experiments in response to some results of my first doing actions. I went to casting workshop and casted a stack of bread in plaster as I find the crushing shape and texture of bread is very exciting. I used vina mould to make the bread mould, which is something I've never tried before, it casts delicate details very well. I'm not sure if I'll use the actual plaster bread in my design as it's a hard material to attach onto body and work with the body. 

I poured latex on the plaster bread, still waiting for drying. This will create a textured and shaped fabric for me to work with, hopefully it would be a good material for creating shapes on body

First Doing Actions 31 July

Today, I started to do responses to my research of the list of eccentric things. Food in the eccentric list is something a lot of people referred to, such as crushing food with hands, spaghetti in milk, crushing bread with face etc.

I tried these things myself, which I have really had a lot of fun. I recorded with close ups of photographs, the texture, colours and patterns are interesting, which I would like to develop them further into prints and textiles. I will do some observational drawings using different media to get more ideas for prints and textiles. I also want to use different materials to mimic the oily and greasy texture of food, such as latex, expanding foam, silicon and so on. 

I also used food and placed them on the body to get different shapes, which has created some exciting shapes. Pieces of toast on face look very quirky and quite amazing, it's like if they are being absorbed into the face. Later, I will try to use different materials to create the shape and texture of toasts, like plaster, clay, silicon and mod roc. 

Library Research 25 July

I found a book at the library called “Gadget Nation- A Journey Through The Eccentric World of Invention”, which includes a large collection of all sorts of inventions designed for solving small daily issues. They are absolutely fun and humorous, which excited me so much. The design purposes are solving very small daily inconveniences and problems. A lot of the construction and visuals are extremely fascinating and interesting to me. By reading this book, there are a lot of elements I can take from. I think the thinking of these inventors might influence the way my project forms.


Research 24 July

The first activity I gave to myself is making a list of eccentric things, including human behaviours, habits, designs, visually wierd-looking things and etc. Making a list of eccentric things and having a big range and diverse elements will help me generate ideas. I searched online, found out an actor refusing to wear trousers, a man with an entire house designed for his 22 cats, an unbelievable house with everything complete pink. There are so many interesting and funny  things going on, which I think that it would be fascinating and fun to design an outfit for those eccentric people with weird traits. 

I also interviewed a lot of people about their eccentric habits and hobbies, there are a lot of unique and funny answers.  I’ll select a few ones that excites me the most and focus on them to create more experiments and development. I might even try a few of these eccentric behaviours myself to get a deeper insight and personal feeling, 

Project Brief 20 July

Today, we're given the instruction and brief about a new project that will last for 6 weeks. It is a project with complete freedom given to us, which we will choose out own theme and create personal briefs. 

We did some activities to generate ideas for concepts and themes. We are given 8 areas, methods and approaches, society and audience, culture and heritage, concerns, experiences, innovations and science, your obsessions and politics. These areas probably covers almost everything. They are good points to think about to come up with a theme that I am interested in.  Sometimes it's hard to suddenly think of one theme from nowhere, so it's good to have some focus areas for generating ideas. I think this activity is very useful, which is a method I will use in future project. 

Sketchbook 14 August

I started to develop my second eccentric behaviour in this project, photographing ear with wax in it. I photographed a few people's ear holes with flash, which shows clearly the ear wax, very extreme and disgusting. I found an interesting relationship between ear wax and food, the greasy, oily and rough texture. 

I will start to experiment with 3d, taking the shape of ears as patterns on the body form. And I also want to try to develop some 3d construction and structure on the head. 

Action Plan

  1. Draw silhouettes of ears and cut out the patterns to create 3d forms on the maneqquin
  2. Create 3d head construction with the photographs of ear wax in wood and plastic workshop on Thursday. 

Mock final piece 10 August

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 12.12.08.png.1

We are asked to come up with one finished final piece at the end of the day, which pushed us to make everything less abstract, transforming an abstract idea into physical thing. 

Based on yesterday's draping and some drawing ideas, I used materials that I can easily find to create forms and shapes on the mannequin, I recycled clothing and curtains from the charity shop, which I believe that second hand used objects have got narrative and a sense of human touch, which is tightly linked to my concept of eccentricity as it's a project based on people and society. I also incorporated paper printed in the photos of crushed food, which creates an interesting and exciting combination and contrast with the texture and pattern of fabric in the garment. 

Action Plan

  1. Based on the final piece, make 12 quick sketches of different versions of designs in pencil.
  2. Carry out more experiments based on the chosen eccentric behaviours from the list (photographing people's ears with wax, milk and tea before masturbating). 
  3. Combine the different ideas through collaging and drawing.
  4. Make 12 quick sketches in pencil based on the collages.
  5. Choose a best one from the quick sketches, and create the final design showing details and construction
  6. Test materials
  7. Test samples of different construction methods, such as seams, zips, buttons

Contextual Studies-Materials, 8 August

We discussed about the topic of "materials" in different art disciplines, covering physical properties, cultural interpretation, sustainability and how the material can be used in the project. I brought 3 materials that I experimented with, latex,  vina mould and plaster. And we are asked to write about our feeling towards other peers' materials.

I got some interesting feedback about my material, the red vina mould. From the feedback, I see that my peer really dislikes this material, which he finds it uncomfortable, aesthetically unattractive and useless. I find this very interesting, other people's reaction and opinions. My theme "Eccentricity", which is a topic discovering things out of the common system. It's a topic that has blurry and unclear boundary and definition. I expect this reaction towards my material, which exactly presented the term of "eccentricity". I will ask for more people's opinions and reaction about my experiments developed in this project for more inspiration and ideas for my project. 


Idea Development 2 August

I started to make some quick initial ideas based on the experiments I did. I worked in my sketchbook, developing ideas about shapes and texture. i collaged with the images of my experiments, creating shapes and forms on model, which are quite abstract. I also used different media to create surface, prints and texture in my sketchbook. All these ideas I did today are quite abstract and general. I need to later develop and experiment more to create some real 3d work, leading towards my final outcome. 

Contextual Studies 1 August


Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 12.15.14.png

Today, we did an activity, working on analysing and thinking about different aspects and perspectives of the theme of the project. It's important to start with a big and diverse range of information from different angles, which opens up the possibility. Personal context is something important in my project, my personal eccentric habits and hobbies, such as photographing people's ears with wax and mixing and crushing all kinds of food together as I love the greasy texture of food. These weird and useless things are now part of the inspirations for this project, which I find it extremely interesting and exciting. 

The second exercise we did is making a diagram for the project. The idea is to think of several main ingredients for this project. Then they are put into diagram, which the centre shared part will be ideally my own work. I think it's a very useful way to visualise and summarise the whole project in a simple and easily-understandable way. We are also asked to find out practitioner's works that is relevant to different combinations of these main ingredients, which I found it quite hard to find. This will be something I work on, which I think these practitioners' works will be a big influence on my project. 

Tutorial 30 July

I had a tutorial about my project proposal, which I've got some positive feedbacks, they are clear and tell everything that needs to be in there. So I didn't need to make changes. The tutor gave me some suggestions about my project, which I will consider. I will get a big list of eccentric behaviours, so I've got plenty to choose from. Then I 'll classify them into different groups, e.g. eccentric things relating to body, food, sound, space and so on. I might choose one particular group and focus these eccentric things in this category. Having a particular focusing point might be better and stronger idea. But it's also possible that I choose a few eccentric things from different categories, which might make some interesting combination. 

Theme-Eccentricity 23 July

Initially, I wanted to focus on the theme of "Unnatural death" , which is inspired by the weekend I passes at the beach. The whole atmosphere of seaside at night,  in dark, with no people, it is so beautiful but also sinister and scary.  This makes me think of a perfect place and time for suicide. It gives me a very peaceful, pleasant and also weird feeling. 

I uploaded researches I think are related to this theme, films, books, artists and photos at the sea. But when I had the tutorial, we discussed and discovered that they are not really about the unnatural death, which in the tutor's opinion, they are about eccentricity. When tutor came up with this word, I was very excited about it, which is a topic I'm always interested in. Eccentricity is defined as deviating from the recognized and customary character. It is always something I feel naturally attracted and fascinated about. The way I dress and present myself is sometimes seen as eccentric in some people’s opinion. And it’s interesting how eccentricity is seen as positive in my opinion, but negative in some other people’s eyes.